I make films for science

Maybe you want to show what your research is all about or maybe you have something more specific in mind. I think it is important to explain the science in a clear and understandable manner whilst also showing the personal and societal motivation where necessary and/or possible. I have a background in physics and I love cinema, so I want my films to be scientifically sound and aesthetically pleasing to the eye and ear.

Huub Rutjes

Below are some examples of my work.

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Samen met de sterren

Nederlandse Onderzoekschool voor Astronomie (NOVA)

September 2015
Touch: Whiskers and TaSST


October 2014
Introduction to the Delta ITP

Delta Institute for Theoretical Physics (D-ITP)

September 2014
Wereld in Trilling


October 2015
Lineaire Algebra

Januari 2013
The Ghosts of Ludvig Faddeev

Delta Institute for Theoretical Physics (D-ITP)

June 2015
Physics à la Picasso

Winning Short - Science Park Film Festival 2014

PEPSci Newsflash


May 2014

The Correspondence Theory of Truth

Future Planet Studies - University of Amsterdam


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film animation graphics other

film animation graphics other